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Join us to Promote a Must have
Conversion Optimization tool( SAAS App) with
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With SpyStream 2.0 you can see What Visitors are doing on your website, It records entire Session of every visitor in Video format and we store them securely all on our Server so your customers can watch them anytime to Improve conversions

SpyStream 2.0 sales funnel is Positioned to convert like Crazy,
especially with Reseller Opportunity on Front End make it a No Brainer offer.


For promoting through jvshare, Please get in touch with us..

What is SpyStream & Why this is Must have for Every Serious Marketer?

SpyStream is the Proven software to reveal specific visitor behavior like needs and intent by recording video sessions that you, the website owner, can play back and watch. You will be able to see exactly where and how the visitor moves their mouse and behaves on your site anywhere and at anytime.

In addition to the advanced video mouse tracking, SpyStream can also track and show click heatmaps, do DOM click tracking, can provide deep analytics ie: geo location, visitor age, browser type, keywords used, and even comes with a full ecom tracking and analytics suite!

In other words, SpyStream does what Google Analytics and most conversion tracking programs can't . This provides exactly the same technology enterprise softwares like Clicktale can do only for just a fraction of the cost.

And the best part?

We have real case studies & results to prove how valuable this is. Don't waste time promoting another software that only works "in theory". Your list will love you for promoting this and it will actually help them get results.

What’s new In SpyStream 2.0

SpyStream 1.0 was a WP Plugin.. However Spystream 2.0 Is going to be a SAAS app with Kickass new Features.. So your Customers can Track any website they own, doesnt matter on which platform it is.. Just add a SpyStream 2.0 tracking code and everything gets tracked and stored on our secured servers.

New Features in SpyStream 2.0

 Cloud based App with Reseller License on the Front End (you get all the VSL, pages to edit and use as your own)

 Track any Page/Site you own..

 Supports Tracking on all Pages Such as ClickFunnels, LeadPages, OP2, InstaBuilder, Unbounce, Wix, InstaPage.. Literally Any Page on the Web

 Funnel View: Built Specifically for Online Marketers, Funnel View shows Graphical presentation of How Traffic is flowing through funnel along with captured Video sessions and Heatmap, So anyone can easily improve conversions without any experience.

 Goals: Setup Conversion goals on any website and Track and Improve them easily on the cloud based dashboard

 Manage Multiple Sites from one Dashboard

 Actions- See what actions your visitors performed on your site

 Entry and Exit Stats- See where visitors are coming from and where they are exit on the site/blog/landing page..

 Referrals- See who is your Top Referrals that helps identify where you can get the most traffic from..

SpyStream 2.0 will make every Online Marketers life easier..

Watch SpyStream 2.0 Demo Video

What is SpyStream & Why this is Must have for Every Serious Marketer?

Video Session Replays

Watch replays of visitor browsing sessions to visualize exactly what they are seeing and doing on your site.

SAAS App with Third party Tracking

Cloud app makes it easy to Track any website you own made with any page builder service or even html pages and Stores all the data securely on

Reseller Opportunity on the Front-End

SpyStream 2.0 is a saas app every serious business needs. For clients already selling marketing services or want to start... this is a no brainer.

Funnel Visualization

SpyStream 2.0 Funnel visualization gives a Bird-Eye view of Entire Funnel and how Traffic is Flowing and Tools access to Improve Conversions.

HeatMap Tracking

See the exact spots and frequency of where your visitors are clicking. Search by page, time, date, and more.

Deep Analytics

See what keywords a user typed into reach your page, their age, geo location, browser type, and far more with just a click.

eCom Tracking Suite

See what keywords a user typed into reach your page, their age, geo location, browser type, and far more with just a click.

No Monthly Fees or Extra Costs

Unlike the enterprise level guys, early buyers during the launch won't ever have to pay monthly or additional fees

Our Proven 5 Figure promo funnel
Priced to Convert Guaranteed!

50% Commissions throughout the funnel.

Contest and JV Prizes

We have Awesome Prizes to give away and with more to be added during the launch.

Main Contest (from 18th Nov to 22nd Nov)

1st : $2000

2nd : $1000

3rd : $500

4th : $250

5th : $100

6th to 10th: $50

Mid Launch contest

Closing contest

Contest Terms : You must make an amount in commissions equal or more than the prize money to win the prize. In case you earn lower commissions, the prize money will be reduced on pro-rata basis. Teams of up to 2 are allowed. Information should about your team should be given to us before the launch starts. Please inform asap with your affiliate IDs.

Why promote SpyStream 2.0?

6 Figure Copywriter

Product fit for Any Niche

Reseller opportunity on the FE, no brainer for your customers

Expect High EPC’s

Superb Graphics and VSL team for all the promo material you need

24*7 Support

Proven Product

For promoting through jvshare, Please get in touch with us..

What other marketers are saying about us

Rohan & Harshal are one of the most committed product creators around. They have a great technical team and a lot of dedication to their craft. I've promoted a lot of their products and always made good commissions. Good partners to work with

- Cyril Gupta

"These guys have always been great supporters of my launches - and the quality of their products is exciting to see coming forward with new and original ideas that convert well for me"

- Cindy

"Rohan and Harshal have been consistently promoting our products and have already delivered great results. Not only they’re both smart marketer but also team I can rely on. I’ve promoted some of their products in past and have always received positive feedback from my customers. I would definitely recommend you to work with them if you get a chance"

- Abhi Diwedi

"I've known Rohan and Harshal for some time now - they are great guys and have put out quality stuff in past. I feel confident recommending their products to my customers!"

- Neil Napier

We Reciprocate…

Got questions? Get in touch!

Rohan Chaudhari

Harshal Jadhav

Affiliate promotion terms & conditions

Read carefully before joining this program. You agree that you are NOT allowed to do the following things if approved for the affiliate program. By doing any of the following, you will be terminated from the program and agree that any commissions will be forfeited without recourse:

1. You are NOT permitted to conduct e-mail promotions in a 3rd party system - all e-mail contacts MUST be your OWN opt in e-mail list. You cannot buy solo ads, use safe lists, use spam or anything similar.

2. You must NOT run "negative" PPC or iframe domain campaigns such as "Product name / author name scam" or any other method to attract controversial click thru rates that an ordinary person would deem to portray a negative view of the product. This creates a very bad image for our company and the individuals featured in the products and you will be terminated from the program instantly.

3. You should avoid using the raw affiliate link if you can. All affiliates are encouraged to utilise RE-direct links in e-mails and website campaigns and not the direct affiliate link you will receive. This increases conversions for both of us. (But ultimately the choice is up to you)

4. You cannot earn commission on your own purchase. Any 'self' purchase commission may be nullified or held back.Things you CAN do (subject to change without notice - please check back here regularly)

5. iFrames, review sites and cloaked domains are permitted as long as they do not contain offensive or negative domain URLs.

6. Affiliate payments will be set as delayed for affiliates with less than 50 sales on JVzoo & Jvshare. For all other affiliates the commissions will be set to instant. Please describe briefly how you will be promoting and any links to your own websites or warrior forum profile.

7. We run a legitimate business, which means that we always correctly illustrate and represent our product/s and their features and benefits to the customer. Please make sure you do the same. Anyone found using misleading claims, inaccurate information or false testimonials (or anything that does not comply with FTC guidelines) will have their affiliate account revoked immediately.

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